Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Some news

im working on some different projects right now, so i dont got a lot of time to spend for my personal fun stuff... but at least it has changed more than nothing. here a small status update:

- next version of the QUICK-RIG is almost ready for release, including some changes in the object structur, makes it more comfortable to import your modells, the beta version of the new damper system and some tweaks for the next coming updates.

- the HD Shader Collection is growing and growing, and will get online if it hits about 50 textures, half way done.

- the SunSystem will be ready for download in some days, have to fix some texture issues first, but shouldnt be a big deal to finish.

- putting together a small compilation of older stuff ive done in the last year.

hopefully at end of april i find more time for that things and even more time and chances to post infos about that and upcoming projects.


Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

after a while...

i got the time to post again.
Had a lot of work the last time, renovating my house (new bathroom is finished :)) and finishing a music video project. But now i will find time for my own projects again, and here is a list of the work progress from the projects i talked about some month ago.

- The HD shader collection has already grown up to about 20 textures, almost all of them now include a new normal map and corrected displacement maps.
- Created some additional elements for the high detailed C4D grass template like dandelion and different kind of grass and leaf elements.
- the water shader doesnt got a big change, didnt find time for.... but its not forgotten
- MindForge Quick-Rig got some fixes and changes, almost about position calculation and correction, reduced the polygon amout of the wheels and added some changes to screws by doin render instances for saving time and memory. The car modell is almost finished, just lights and details takes more time than i expected, but i think new version, including the modell, will bereleased in march.
(check the Quick-Rig tag for details).
- Nature test project is already cached (about 200 gb for particles) and got some new design, will take a little while cuase it will be some demo for the HD shader collection too, so that has to get some new elements first.
- A new small project is a sunsystem, with animated sun, HD earth layers, some meteors, astroid belts and some kind of athmosphere workaround. It will be free to use, but ill show some renderings, with a physical athmosphere, it needs a plugin so i cant share it. but maybe gives you an idea how to create that effect without.

here some preview pictures:

I hope you enjoy,
Cya next time!

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

actual projects

just some info about the actual project progress.

- QUICK-RIG v1.1 is almost ready for release, i think next week.
- finishing a funny short movie project, release will be summer 2013.
- working on a high definition texture pack, including almost all kind of materials taken out of real pictures taken myself containing color, bump, highlight, reflection and displacement channels. some might vary including diffuse or normal maps.
- playing around with the final settings for a detailed water shader, including some kind of foam.
- startetd the creation for a automated multilayer terrain shader collection.
- started with the creation of a high detailed grass template for cinema 4D, here is a picture about the first test:

- finishing a nature secene for some other dpit effex tests about small scaled water and tree behavior, almost ready for final render

here is a small clip showing the first tree test, some textures out of my HD texture pack and some old renderings i've found from my water shader test, enjoy!

Nature tests and texture preview from MindForge-Visuals on Vimeo.

that's for now, cya next time!

Montag, 26. November 2012

Almost done...

at least i fixed some bugs and solved some problems with the QUICK-RIG 1.0 for the next update.
v1.1 will include some more settings for the springs and damper, more lights (including adjustable blinking indicator lights) a second motor and some tweaks for details and lights/shadows .

Also im working on a better car model that comes for free with the QUICK-RIG instead of the old proxy model and collision object.
Its almost finished, here is a preview of the actual model status:

v1.1 release will be asap and before christmas ;)

thx for testing and giving feedback about the rig!

Donnerstag, 8. November 2012


The first version of the MindForge-Visuals QUICK-RIG is finished and ready to download on the page. It gives you controll over the dynamic, collision, visibility, lights, motor, tires and damper (already working on more for next version)
Import your model, rescale it and position the lights, wheels and damper, to get your model drives dynamic within minutes. Simple keyframe all settings on 1object to get it at first view.

For more infos klick the picture below .

I hope you like this template and give me some feedback to improve it.

Have fun & enjoy!

Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Vimeo channel is online

vimeo channel is created and slowly filling with stuff. most will be linked on the blog tomorrow and the next days, but feel free to check it out ;)

MindForge-Visuals vimeo channel

have fun!

Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Still working...

...on a compilation of old stuff, upload missing fotages and the "QUICK-RIG", a Cinema4D project for rigging cars on an easy way, controll motors, tires, damping, lights etc. Realease of version 1.0 will be tomorrow ;)

In hope of a nice feedback to improve the rig, good night.